Labels and Tradingview Alerts
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Labels and Tradingview Alerts

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TIER AVAILABILITY: These features are available in LITE, CORE and PRO

Tradingview Alerts:

If Tradingview Alerts are enabled, the indicator will fire an alert based on your settings. In other words, if a label prints on screen, you will be prompted with a Tradingview Alert unless Alerts: ‘Valid Signals’ is selected in Basic Settings in which case only valid trade signal alerts will be generated.

To enable alerts, once you have finalized the settings you want:

  1. Right click on the indicator and select “Add Alert on IMG…”

  2.  Customise the alert name (optional)

  3. Click on ”Create”

NOTE: If you change your settings after creating the alert, you will need to create a new alert for the revised settings to be applied to it.

Indicator Labels:

The indicator will print triangles, circles and squares as labels on the chart based on your settings. Label details are revealed when the cursor is placed above them:

To ensure labels can always be viewed correctly on Tradingview’s web or mobile app, right click on the indicator and select Visual Order > Bring to front 

The only label that does not require a cursor is SFPs. These are displayed directly above or below the SFP extreme

List of IMG Label Types (Circles, Triangles and Squares):


2.Trade Signals

3.Trade Entries

4.Trade Invalidations (Cancellation of unentered trades, or Invalid Trade Signals due to custom exit criteria)


6.Take Profits

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