Max Trade Risk
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Max Trade Risk

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TIER AVAILABILITY: This option is available in CORE and PRO

When enabled, the system will only consider a setup valid as long as the distance between the entry mode and stoploss is within the Max Trade Risk parameters.


  1. Confirmed HTF SFP

  2. Confirmed LTF MSB

  3. Entry Mode: Breaker

  4. Max Trade Risk enabled to 2%

In this example, the system will only treat a setup as valid IF the price difference between the LTF breaker and SFP Swing low is less than or equal to 2%. In the chart example below, the system treated this setup as invalid as the price variance between the breaker and sfp high (stoploss) was 2.73%.

Invalid setups will still display on the chart with a reason for invalidation

Chart Example:

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