Study Errors
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Study Errors

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A study error (red exclamation mark) may display next to the indicator name on the top left corner of your screen. Error details can be revealed by clicking on the red exclamation mark

Study Error 1: The Market Structure Timeframe must be divisible by the active chart timeframe

To fix this error, ensure the timeframe selected in the Higher Timeframe (HTF) Structure is divisible by the active chart timeframe

Study Error 2: Timeout

At times, you may encounter a timeout study error. This issue can arise from the system's intricate functionalities, particularly when numerous features are enabled concurrently, causing the system to approach the memory allocation limits permitted by TradingView..

If you see this error, you can:

  • Reduce the number of applied settings

  • Quickly switch the chart timeframe to something else and back to refresh the screen, or

  • Refresh your browser, however this does not seem to be as effective as the timeframe switch, or

  • Remove the indicator and add back to the chart

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