Backtest Settings
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Backtest Settings

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Disclaimer: Past performance is not indicative of future results, a principle that applies to all backtesting, whether manual or automated

Use this section to setup the automated backtesting system

TIER AVAILABILITY: These options are available in PRO:

Table Size

Select the backtest results table size to display on the top right of your chart

Disable Backtester

Enable/Disable the backtesting system

Custom Start Date Toggle

Toggle on to enable a custom start date for backtesting (the system will begin from the beginning of your chart if this is disabled)

Custom Start Date

Enter the custom date / time for backtesting to begin from

IMG PRO includes an automated backtesting system that will provide the following details based on the overall settings you apply:

Initial Capital

The starting balance of your account at the beginning of the backtest. This is entered in the Risk Management Section in settings

Available Capital

Current available capital based on the backtest results of all closed trades

Net Profit

Total Profit or Loss achieved in the backtest

Closed Trades

Total number of closed trades in the backtest 

BE Trades

Total number of Break Even trades during the backtest

Delta Trades

Total number of trades that were not break even during the backtest

Winning Trades

Total number of winning trades

Max Drawdown

The largest single drop in capital value from all closed trades during the backtest period. The Peak and Trough dates and trade IDs are provided in the results tables to easily find and analyse them on the chart

Profit Factor

Total value of all winning trades divided by the total value of all losing trades

Open Trades

Total number of current open trades

Max Win

Largest win during the backtest period. Max winning trade date and trade ID is provided in the results tables to easily find and analyse it on the chart

Max Loss

Largest loss during the backtest period.

Avg Trade Win

Average win / loss of all closed trades

Avg Profit Per Trade

Average Profit/Loss based on all closed trades in the backtest

Avg Bars Per Trade

Average duration of each trade calculated in chart timeframe bars

Current Portfolio Value

Current capital taking into account all closed trades during the backtest

Buy and Hold P&L

Profit or Loss if the instrument was purchased and held at the backtest start date


Indicator performance vs Buy & Hold P&L

Start Date

Start date of the Backtest

Colour Coding

The table is colour coded to help identify good results at a glance. Colour coding focuses on finding results that could be compatible with trading under prop firm conditions, i.e. High Profit Factor and Low Max Drawdown:

DD < 10%

Green Text

DD 10 -15%

Yellow Text

DD > 15%

Red Text

PF < 1

Red Text

PF 1 - 1.5

Yellow Text

PF > 1.5

Green Text

If the PF is > 1.5% and Max DD < 10% both boxes background will turn green Indicating strong results

The Goal is to get both DD and PF in green

The information is presented in a table on the top right corner of your chart.

Example: BTCUSDT.p BingX H12-H1

Other Notes

  1. The system can only backtest the data available to it. As such, results may vary based on the lookback data available in your tradingview subscription

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